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Updated Lucid ISO 005  APR 5 2012 ->
Update to all versions of Lucid - To install Flashplayer if needed, please update this GetFlash pet -> Or use Google Chrome which has Flashplayer built-in

Lucid Puppy 5.2.8
is released on AUG 17 2011

Firefox 13      Opera 11.62                 Iron 18 

Seamonkey 2.10         Torcs Racing Car Simulator (140MB sfs)

TOR-Browser (Surf Anonymously)    

Google Chrome 19 (Flashplayer included) ->

Tips on Updating

1. Fresh installs don't have any update problems Wink
2. Live CD updates of the lupusave file seem to not have problems. Boot the new CD and if you have more than one lupusave file, choose which to update.
3. Full install updates seem to be OK also. Boot the new CD with 'pfix=ram' and then use Puppy Universal Installer to do a Full Install -> Upgrade.
4. Before any attempt at a frugal update--***Back up the lupusave file***

Manual frugal update
--Copy the new 5.2 files into an existing Lupu folder or, copy the lupusave file into a folder that you have just created by doing a frugal install.  You want the new 5.2 files along with the old lupusave file in the same folder--then when you boot  that folder from the grub menu the update will take place. 

--> Before any attempt at an update, uninstall LXDE if it is installed.
--> After upgrade, Sylpheed -> Configuration -> Common Preferences -> Details -> External Commands -> Web browser -> sensible-browser '%s' This enables the Sylpheed Help.

Lucid Puppy 5.2.8 is the fastest, friendliest, and most fun Lucid yet. It is the fastest because it is the first Lucid derivative to use the C and ffmpeg libraries optimized for i686 computers rather than the older i386 computers. It is the friendliest because special attention has been devoted to the user experience. For instance, 5.2.8 uses the Roxterm console which has copy and paste and other features like a text editor, rather than the older x-terminal. Lucid similarly uses an entirely new Control Panel that makes it easier to customize and configure Lucid to one's liking. Speaking of customizing Lucid, that is why it is so much fun. 5.2.8 includes more wallpapers and themes than any previous Lucid.

Lucid Puppy 5.2.8 has also received a thorough going-over under the hood. In addition to the faster libraries, there is new and updated firmware and drivers for many devices, courtesy of forum member tempestuous. Further, the hardware detection and configuration routines have been extensively tested and enhanced by forum member rerwin--who has tested the routines for over 3 months since prior to the release of Lucid 5.2.5. Finally, the overall look and feel, the friendly and fun stuff, has been influenced by experiments by forum member pemasu who has created a series of very popular Puppies since the release of 5.2.5. In his honor, Lucid 5.2.8 is nicknamed Finlandia.

Lucid 5.25 is the most leading-edge Lucid ever and a Five Digit Update from Lucid 5.2.  It has Bash 4.1.0, an upgrade from Bash 3, Syslinux 4.03, an upgrade from Syslinux 3, and e2fsprogs 1.41.14, the latest from Ubuntu Natty. It now has JWM 500, up from 493.  Gnumeric 1.10.13 (up from 1.10.12 in 5.2) is a necessity because our very own yarddog had posted a bug to Gnumeric that is corrected in 1.0.13.   Lucid 5.2.1 uses the Woof of FEB 28 replacing the Woof of NOV 28 for 3 months of progress in Woof development.

The first thing up is a very tidy Quickset dialog to accept or change video resolution, timezone, language/locale and keyboard.  Next up could be the Browser Installer--which of the major browsers would you like to use--even more than one, with Browser-Default allowing you to change which one you use as the default.  And then there’s Quickpet--with as much good stuff as a Swiss Army Knife.  There are three tabs worth of great Linux programs that you can install with a single-click, all tested and configured for Lucid Puppy.  There’s another tab to install larger programs in the Puppy sfs format, also with a single-click of course.  Still in Quickpet, there is a Drivers tab that will analyze your system and recommend which video driver you should use to get the best video--and click to install it.  Finally in Quickpet is LupuNews, with one-click instant updates, recommended Tweaks (with links), and the latest News.

Quickpet will also open the Puppy Package Manager which is chock full of even more programs tested and configured for Lucid Puppy, including language packs for 11 different languages.  PPM has other window managers ready to install, XFCE and Fluxbox, but Lucid even has JWM built in as an alternate--and of course a WM Switcher to make it all simple.  Puppy is still a compact distro, fast and lean, but with all of these resources there is nothing it cannot do. We call it a full-featured compact distro.

Chief developer of the Lucid Puppy series - 01micko
Honored developers of Lucid 5.2.8 - rerwin and zigbert
Honored developers of Lucid 5.2.5 - ttuuxxx and radky
Honored developer of Lucid 5.2 - shinobar
Contributing developers - dejan555, iguleder, radky, tasmod, tazoc, coolpup, rhadon, smil99
Contributors - Jim1911, James C, JustGreg, CatDude, pa_mcclamrock, Tasgarth, ecube, gjuhasz, pemasu, Bm, rhadon, rjbrewer , stu90, nooby, Lobster, 8-bit, tubeguy, prehistoric, smokey01, DaveS, Snail, aarf, gerry, Billtoo, darwinev0lved, Minnesota, Eyes-Only, enhu, rcrsn51, scsijon, ICPUG, Abnormalter, Stripe, gur, sata80, scruffy, live, alec78,Jades, jpeps, ilanrab, flexxx, don570, Bigpup, mikeslr, einar, scsijon, phdzaps, Sylvander, sszindian, yarddog, morgonzola, jinx100, mave, jbv, acrocosm, gcmartin, Bert, peebee, scsijon, cthisbear, sm6lod, mikeslr, Gyle,Terryphi, maxpro4u, Jemimah, technosaurus, tempestuous, PaulBx1, rcrsn51, and BarryK
Coordinator - playdayz (My apologies for the incompleteness of the list Thank you all.)