Lucid Puppy News

There is a new Puppy Derivative that might be of interest to anyone who likes Lucid 5.2.8. 

Three-Headed Dog is Lucid 5.2.8 with a newer kernel--  Some recent hardware could work better with the newer kernel, but it is experimental and some things could be wonky.

Since 3HD uses a different kernel, the ATI Catalyst and Nvidia proprietary drivers that work with the kernel in Lucid 5.2.8 will not work--but read this message for the right drivers

Using Puppy is fun, but hacking around on Puppy is even more fun!
Here are a few ways to further customize Puppy.

EZ-Woof.  You can use a simplified version of Puppy mastermind Barry Kauler's Woof Build System to build an exact copy of Lucid Puppy 5.2.5.  That way you can learn to use Woof and maybe build a Puppy variant of your own eventually.  You can also use EZ-Woof to make some changes to Lucid 5.2.5 when you build it.

Compiling Firefox for your cpu.  You can explore compiling programs in Linux and build a version of Firefox that is optimized for your particular CPU.  The performance increase is not phenomenal but it is significant: about 8% in the case of my older Phenom CPU.

Here are some of the results

Lucid 525 Retro-
- New Version 4 on AUG 15 2011
A manual rebuilding of Lucid 525 with the kernel and drivers from the reliable Puppy 4.31.This release is a little larger due to including all of the 4.31 particular there are lots of analog modem drivers included.  Should be good for those users on dial-up.  It now boots straight to the desktop and an irritating bug or two is gone.

RexBang is based on Lucid Puppy 5.2.5, and takes inspiration from CrunchBang/Archbang. It focuses on Openbox (other window/desktop managers are removed), and is distinctive among the puppies i've used in that the Openbox menu isn't limited to the XDG menu, allowing customization, shortcuts, and pipe-menus, as is found on other openbox based distros. It comes with obkey & obmenu, conky, tint2- if you've used a *bang, it will feel familiar.

Lucid 526 lite with kernel
A lighter version of the recently released Lucid Puppy 5.25. Most of the default applications removed - changed default themes - added midnight commander, yad, rox icons, gtk2 engines.

Reborn Puppy V 0.44
What i installed: tint2 - a highly customizable panel  gmrun - a run dialog  thunar - a nicer-looking file manager   conky - a nice system monitor  lxappearance - to change the gtk themes and icons  chromium 10  sakura - a lightweight terminal which supports copy-pasting  scrot - a SCReenshOT tool  nitrogen - wallpaper changer  ntpdate - to sync the time  transmission  deb2pet  python  fonts  new theme  new icons

Also see the Play tab for XO-Pup and Macpup