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Instant Update 002 for Lucid Puppy 5.1.1 -> UpdateLupu511-002
This is a small update with fixes for some new wifi cards using WPA and with fixes for some analog modems.
Click to Download and then Click to Install.

Announcing the release of Lucid Puppy Linux 5.1.1!
Lucid 5.1.1 ->
6e34d1bcdad74df7d6352a6d672522ec  lupu-511.iso
Lucid 5.1.1 Devx ->
5d38669ca9be6572489450b470eea0c5  lupu_devx_511.sfs
Delta file from Lucid Puppy 5.1 to 5.1.1   10M

There are three areas of enhancement to Lucid Puppy 5.1.1.  One, it is built with the Woof (Puppy Build System) released on August 22.  This has a number of enhancements over the July 10 version used in LP 5.1, including:   transmit and receive cumulative totals in the network tray icon, refinements to Smbclinet and smbexplorer, and more support for dial-up modems.  Two, the default internal browser  has been changed to a splendidly small version of Midori built by Puppy’s technosaurus.  Three, there are a number of bugfixes included from Instant Update 003 (for 5.1): provides libjpeg7, laptop function keys, configures Sylpheed email, fixes USB bootflash, links fsck, Arabic and Hebrew fonts,  links to libfaad and libx264 for xfce, browser link to Lupu News 

Big News.  Another great one from 01micko.
XFCE for Lucid Puppy ->
Download, install, exit to a prompt, and enter 'xwin startxfce4'

This is the news page for Lucid Puppy Linux.  Based on the innovations in Lucid Puppy 5.0, the Browser Installer and Quickpet, V. 5.1 adds a well-stocked Puppy Package Manager with many great Linux programs, such as, oh, there are too many--you just have to check them out for yourself.

          Openshot 1.1.3

You can always get the latest index of the puppy-lucid repo in Puppy Package Manager here.  Right-click and Save As to Download it, delete the .txt ending, copy it into /root/packages, and then reboot -> Packages-puppy-lucid-official

Here is some excellent advice on printing by rcrsn51 -> Printing Instructions
      01micko's toolbox
The tools 01micko used to develop Lucid Puppy 5

coordinator - playdayz, dev - 01micko, art - WhoDo
contributors - Jim1911, James C, JustGreg, CatDude, pa_mcclamrock, Tasgarth, shinobar, ecube, gjuhasz, tasmod, pemasu, Bm, rhadon, rjbrewer , stu90, nooby, Iguleder, Lobster, 8-bit, tubeguy, prehistoric, smokey01, DaveS, Snail, aarf, gerry, Billtoo, darwinev0lved, Minnesota, don570, Eyes-Only, enhu, rcrsn51, scsijon, ICPUG, Abnormalter, Stripe, gur, sata80, scruffy, live, smil99, alec78,  BarryK, Jemimah, and technosaurus

Lucid Puppy 5.1 now makes specific recommendations based on your hardware of what graphics driver you can install to get the most out of your graphics.  And they are all right there at hand in Quickpet.

Lucid Puppy boots directly to the desktop, already fully configured for many people, including even an automatically  configured ethernet connection to the internet.

For those who want to change Luci's language to their own, the tools are right there at hand on first boot to do that, and also to change the keyboard layout to match the language, as well as change the video driver and resolution.