Lucid Puppy News

Upgrade your video drivers.  Use Quickpet -> Drivers.

Openbox is the default window manager.  Use Menu -> Desktop settings -> WM Switcher to change to JWM.  Fluxbox and XFCE are available in the Puppy Package Manager--use WM Switcher after installing.  Fbpanel is the default panel and tray at the bottom of the screen: use Menu -> Desktop Settings -> FBpanel configuration.

To activate frequency scaling of your cpu for less heat and less energy usage. =>  Menu -> System status and config -> Frequency Scaling Tool.

For possibly better video change  Gnome-mplayer -> Edit -> Preferences -> Video Output from X11 to Xv.

Thumbnails are off by default.  To turn them on, right-click an icon, then Rox-Filer -> Option -> thumbnails.

Language Support.  There are language-packs for German, Spanish, French, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Dutch, Portugese, and Russian in the Puppy Package Manager.

Adjust the style of the clock
with Menu -> Desktop Settings -> PupClockset manager.

Adjust fonts.  You might want to change the default settings if you have an LCD screen.

Laptop goodies by pemasu ->  Some utility programs especially for laptops

One way to set time accurately.
1. Set your timezone with Personalize Settings.
2. Use Psync.
To get the accurate result to display, you must use Psync *after* setting the timezone.
If you dual boot with Windows, then windows might reset your time.

Program documentation available for Gnumeric, Mtpaint, Geany, and Sylpheed (and Browsers) from Help in the programs  Documentation for Abiword and Homebank in Menu.

Keep up with new additions to Puppy Package Manager.  Update your index in seconds with Quickpet -> More Pets -> Update Lupu PPM

To get the most out of Lucid Puppy, use Quickpet and the Puppy Package Manager

Music listening: Gnome-mplayer and Pmusic built-in, with Audacious, Aqualung, Deadbeef, Lxmusic, and Songbird in Quickpet and PPM

Video: gnome-mplayer built-in, with Smplayer, VLC, XineDVD, and Ogle in PPM

Document: Abiword built-in, with Scribus, OpenOffice, and K-Office in Quickpet and PPM

Openbox window manager default, with JWM built-in, and with Fluxbox and XFCE in PPM

Plus many, many other useful and interesting programs

Samba.  For networking with Linux, Windows, and Macintosh computers.