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Connecting to the Internet.  If you have a problem connecting or staying connected, try the Network Wizard instead of Simple Network Setup.  Menu -> Setup -> Internet Connection Wizard -> Internet by wired or wireless LAN -> Network Wizard.  Also, check the proxy connection for your browser and set it to No Proxy, or disable Auto Detection of Proxy.  That's different for each browser, but for Firefox it is Edit -> Preferences -> Advanced -> Connection Settings.  The Firefox in Quickpet is set that way by default, but it wouldn't hurt to check.

Frisbee network manager 
There is a menu entry Internet -> Frisbee Network Manager Install to install an alternate network manager to the puppy default.  This gives twice as many chances to get connected.  There is also an entry in Puppy Package Manager.  Here is information ->

Printing and Scanner Setup - Instructions by rcrsn51 - Info & Drivers ->

New Wifi not recognized.  There are new wifi devices constantly.  If yours is not recognized you probalby need a new "driver" for it.  Fortunately those are often avaialble but they are online--maintained by tempestuous.  You can use another system to go to

Illustrated Guide to setting up a network connection in Lupu 520+

Sound muted on boot. Right-click the speaker icon in the system tray and choose Full Window.  Enable Master, PCM, Front and any others that seem likely and also turn up the volume in each.  This should fix things a good percentage of the time.  If not, then please try Menu -> Setup -> Alsa Sound Wizard.

If no sound, open Menu -> Multimedia Tools -> Alsamixer (alsamixer, not alsawizard).  Press F6 and that will show you what sound devices have been detected and configured.  If yours is not the top one then arrow down and click it, then make sure everything plausible is turned up.  I have to do this with my “second” sound card (an M-Audio).  Then to play through the M-Audio I use Audacious but one can also use Pmusic and any other audio player that allows you to choose which device to play through.  I have to this also with my M-Audio and  I use Audacious -> File -> Preferences -> Output Plugin Preferences to choose the card I want.

If none of this works, then try alsawizard.  The thing about alsawizard is that after it runs there is only one device configured--if that is the device you want then good, otherwise .....

No microphone sound. Right-click on volume in system tray and choose Full Window, then scroll down and make sure that Mic is checked, that there is some volume in Capture and Mic, and that there is volume in mIc boost.

WM Switcher not working.  Close any open programs and press CTRL-ALT-Backspace.  At the resulting prompt enter 'xwin openbox'.

Pet stops working.  If you have multiple pets installed and one stops working after you uninstall another, then just reinstall the one you want to keep.  The one you uninstalled probably deleted something that the one you want needs. 

Problems configuring printer.
  Check the Puppy Package Manager for collections of printer drivers for your printer's manufacturer.

Unetbootin. Unetbootin can install to USB media direct from the Puppy ISO file. It copies isolinux.cfg from the ISO file to USB media and renames it to syslinux.cfg. However, you need to manually edit syslinux.cfg, change "pmedia=cd" to "pmedia=usbflash" (if Flash media) or "pmedia=usbhd" (if USB hard drive).

Problem starting Lucid Puppy. Lucid Puppy (Lupu) will boot to a graphical screen in almost all cases and from that screen you can make adjustments if they are needed or wanted. If it does not boot to a graphical screen, it might boot to a “prompt.” If that happens please enter ‘xorgwizard’ and then enter it again ‘xorgwizard’, which will allow you to configure Lucid Puppy. If it does not boot to a prompt but a black screen, then you should reboot the CD and enter ‘puppy pfix=nox’, in the space that asks for any boot options. Then at the prompt enter ‘xorgwizard’ twice.
# xorgwizard

Unexplained problems installing programs from Quickpet or Puppy Package Manager
. Make sure that your "lupusave" file is not too small. I consider 128 MB as a minimum, 512MB as average, and 1GB as comfortable. You can expand it with Menu -> Utility -> Resize personal storage file. Also of course make sure that it is not all filled up and there is plenty of free space. Again, I say 128MB minimum--the larger pets such as Google Earth even need more than that.

Lupusave save file. When you create a Save file I recommend at least 128MB--if the file is too small things will fail unpredictably. You can increase the size of the save file by Menu -> Utility -> Resize personal storage file. Also, some things will work better, or at all, *after* you create the lupusave file and reboot.

Multimedia playback. The default media player, Gnome-mplayer, is backed up by the larger and more elaborate Smplayer which is in Puppy Package Manager (PPM)--you should try Smplayer if you have any problems. Lucid Puppy also has the well-regarded VLC media player in the PPM which some people prefer. Click the 'Install' icon on the desktop and then the bottom entry for Puppy Package Manager. To play DVD's, XineDVD and Ogle are in the Puppy Package Manager.